Mingle is a fruit infused Kombucha with recipes that change with each new season.
Ideally, this brand would launch new flavors each quarter giving their consumers both something to look forward to and reflect on as the calendar advances.

I chose this name as it elegantly describes the mixture of flavors found in each drink and leaves great room for future endeavors into other tasty treats.

The inspiration for this art comes from historic agricultural illustrations by organizations such as the usda pomological society.

This artistic style was the right direction to go with as it conveys the artisanal quality of the (conceptual) small batch production that makes this product unique and boldly stands out on store shelves.

I paired these ornate and detailed illustrations against Geomanist, a bold sans serif typeface by atipo.

While this is only a case study at this point, this was a great exercise in design thinking and the opportunity to build The experience in building the brand from the ground up including name and art direction has been invaluable in my creative process.

Let’s Mingle!

through the slowest heaving night