Mild Tiger is the design studio of Jason Ludtke. 

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Illustration, Lettering, Packaging, Copy

A few months ago I sketched up a little field of flowers. I mean, I’m always drawing flowers but these flowers are marigolds. Bea’s birth flower. I wanted to do something with that little field. Make some art you could use everyday. Not be afrain of letting a little life happen to it. Something you could let age with you. So I went with a bandana. USA made cotton. Printed here in our fair city by the wonderful folks at Orchard Street Press. Packaged by hand by me at Mild Tiger HQ with recyclable paper packaging printed up by the wildly talented team at Clark Graphics on Milwaukee’s East Side. Every inch adorned with a little bit of goodness. Purchase your own at my etsy shop or enjoy the free looks right here. 

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