Mild Tiger is the design studio of Jason Ludtke. 

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Design, Layout

In Spring 2019, Sunrise embarked on The Road to the Green New Deal Tour. Sunrise’s goal is to make the Green New Deal and climate change a top priority in the 2020 election by hosting town hall events nationwide and engaging voters and elected officials.

My task was to create the campaign guide which offers background on the green new deal as well as real time action steps for Sunrise’s base and additional ways to get further engaged with Sunrise.

Covers in Spanish and English. Illustration by Josh Yoder. 

The guide book is divided into two sections:
information, and action. Sunrise Movement’s branded colors were used to distinguish these parts and establish rhythm and visual milestones for readers. 

One key goal of the guidebook is it’s functionality.
Along with digestible information, one key feature of the campaign guide is a tear out Green New Deal Pledge for readers to use when engaging elected officials.

The guide book is available in Spanish.

The size of the book was also very important. At 8.5 X 5.5 IN closed, the book travels well and uses less paper than a larger campaign guide book. Producing the guidebook with a standard letter output also allows anyone to download and share the PDF files without encountering sizing issues. 

The last page of the guide can be used as an activist protest sign and is reminiscent of those used by activists at a sit-in at Nancy Pelosi’s office.

I was responsible for the design and layout of the guide.

The editorial content was produced by Sunrise Movement.
The cover was Illustrated by Josh Yoder.
Art Direction was done by Josiah Werning.

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