In mid April 2018, the Heinen's team from the The Common's, 2018 Entrepreneurial Skills Accelerator brought me on as the graphic designer charged with creating the visual look and feel for their made to order organic baby food purée concept.

With this project, I took on several roles including developing packaging, branding, logotype and illustration work and copywriting, as well as bringing the concept of a retail space and additional branding collateral to life with exciting mock ups.

Bright and memorable illustrations were created for each unique flavor. I created flavor names meant to evoke the spirit of adventure and excitement as well as flavor profiles for 5 different case study products.

Putting the Pure back in purée is the tagline I developed to package the brand name and concept into one memorable touchpoint.

The  wordmark is handdrawn and is meant to evoke playful vibes.

through the slowest heaving night