Veital Designs


Veital Designs creates a 100% USA made replacement waterbottle lid multi-tool system. Designed to work with many major water bottles, Veital Designs products add tremendous value to our customers lives.

I wear many hats at Veital Designs. From package design to social media, marketing, and many stops in between, I’m tasked with bringing what it means to #embracethebalance to the masses. 

It has been our mission to not only create a product that adds incredible value to our customers lives both on and off the trail, but also tell the real stories of the adventures (both large and small) that we are all on. Our 3X3 project is a great example of how we have begun thoughtfully engaging our customers by encouraging them to contribute their tales of adventure to our trailbook.

The goal behind our in-store packaging was to create a minimalist design that allows our future  customers to test out our replacement water bottle lid on their own bottle in store while also providing background on the lids many multi-functions. As Veital is a start up, we also had to do this with overall cost in the front of our minds. Copy and simple how-to illustrations were created to give customers some idea on the different applications the lid can have.

Photography has been crucial in telling the story of our replacement water bottle lid. By demonstrating the lids capabilities we are able to give future customers an idea of what can be expected as well as telling the story of what it means to #embracethebalance.

Social Media Marketing
By organically growing our brand through compelling social media posts on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest we are reaching out customers in a very genuine way. Using analytics for each of our platforms has given us a tremendous insight into who are target market is and how best to reach them.


through the slowest heaving night